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Accounting company in Slovenia

Accounting services in Slovenia: what you need to know before appointing an accounting company in Slovenia?

If you are looking for an accounting company in Ljubljana, Slovenia you are at the right place. 

But, before you appoint an accounting company, here are things you should know:

  1. Accounting services in Slovenia are digitized a lot but still, some processes companies must do manually
  2. E-invoices are fully implemented so you can send E-documents
  3. In order to be fully operative, you need digital certificated
  4. There are multiple company types in Slovenia. More about this topic you can find on our page dedicated to company formation process

What kind of accounting services we provide?

Iccounting team consists of senior accountants who have more than 15 years of significant experience in different accounting areas such as:

  • IT
  • construction
  • real estate
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing
  • energy trade
  • transportation
  • and many other industries can provide you with a full package of accounting services such as:

  • Basic and advanced accounting services
  • General ledger 
  • Keeping accounts of the ongoing business
  • Calculation of profit and loss
  • Supervision of tax
  • Payroll services

Bookkeeping services

Beside accounting service, Iccounting provides various bookkeeping services such as:

  • proper maintenance of accounting in accordance with the law
  • registering the daily transactions in accordance with the accounting principles and regulations of the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, International Accounting and Financial Standards and in accordance with IAS/IFRS,
  • posting of suppliers invoices
  • posting of clients invoices
  • keeping a register of fixed assets
  • registering inventory
  • financial bookkeeping of a inventory
  • monthly aligning of the general ledger with the register
  • management of assets register
  • bank reconciliation
  • and many more of bookkeeping services

Payroll services

The accounting firm Iccounting within payroll service can provide the following solutions to the clients:

  • payroll calculation according to the applicable laws
  • submission of tax returns for all employees
  • registration and cancellation of employees 
  • optimization of taxes and social contributions
  • calculation of annual personal income tax
  • labor relations: preparation of labor contracts with employees
  • creation of internal labor rulebook and other mandatory acts

Company opening process 


If you would like to set up a company in Slovenia, we can help you with the following processes:


  1. 45 minute free consultation before company formation
  2. Help with obtaining Slovenian tax number
  3. Name check;
  4. Consulting assistance with standard classification of activities
  5. Help with a conclusion of a deposit agreement with a selected domestic bank for the opening of a temporary foreign currency account to which you transfer the amount of a capital required to establish a company (7.500,00 EUR).
  6. If necessary arrangements for authentication of required documents at the notary.
  7. Assistance in opening a trading account with a selected bank.
  8. Contributions and Tax consultancy
  9. Personal assistance in procedure
  10. If necessary VAT registration.

Virtual office in Ljubljana

Besides accounting and bookkeeping services, Iccounting can provide you with a virtual office in Ljubljana. Virtual office services that include:

  • Rental of address for the purpose of registering a company in Slovenia,
  • Forwards of mails to any address in Serbia or abroad, or scanned by e-mail,
  • Individual phone and fax lines dedicated exclusively to you with the option of transferring calls to any number in the Serbia or abroad.

More about our virtual office service you can find here.

Administrative support for your business

Beside all mention accounting and bookkeeping services, the bookkeeping firm Iccounting , LJubljanacan help you as well with administrative support services such as:

  • payment services on behalf of you
  • administrative services connected to a commercial bank
  • Preparation of transfer and payment orders and money transfer services 
  • preparation of travel orders for travel expenses
  • collecting daily statements from commercial banks
  • communication and cooperation with competent authorities and state institutions 
  • other administrative services that would help you run your business smoothly.

Reporting services as part of accounting and bookkeeping services

Accounting and bookkeeping are core services that we as accounting firm deliver to our partners but the reporting part is crucial, business-wise.

In order to be a value add partner to our clients, we have developed procedures that enables our customers to have a real-time reporting and have instant “business pulse”, which is very important in today ever-changing market.

Some of the reports we provide on a monthly basis are:

  1. Income statement (due on the 15th day of M +1 ) – Income statement will be presented by function on one hand and by nature of costs on the other hand
  2. Balance sheet twice per year
  3. Other business reports depending on your requirements 

On a quarterly basis we provide:

  1. A trial balance
  2. Income statement
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Ageing Debtor’s balance
  5. Statement of provisions
  6. Calculation of expected income tax

On an annual basis we deliver:

  1. Preparation of financial statements in accordance with statutory requirements
  2. Preparation of the financial statements under IFRS standards including income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and notes
  3. Aging debtor’s balance
  4. Statement of provisions

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